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World Tour

List of Competitors

TOURNAMENT NAME: Indian Wells, California
TOURNAMENT DATE: March 23, 2019
ENTRIES CLOSE: March 22, 2019
If you child is not listed or listed in the wrong division, please contact WorldTour@SportimeNY.com.

Red One: 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Red One tyler alson
Red One Jake Belkin
Red One Mia Berro
Red One Allison Braico
Red One Jordana Brody
Red One Sara Castellani
Red One Jayden Chiu
Red One Evan Chiu
Red One Daphne Cornell
Red One Sydney Garnock
Red One Lucas Gonzales
Red One Jordan Grossman
Red One Matthew Grossman
Red One Harlan Guh
Red One Harlan Guh
Red One Noel Kang
Red One Michael Lau
Red One Gabriella Leibowitz
Red One Lauren McAlister
Red One Amanda Mcalister
Red One Noora Miah
Red One Mubarak Miah
Red One Simone Mukherjee
Red One Alexa Newman
Red One Troy Onasis
Red One Giovanni Osbourne
Red One Luke Park
Red One Brian Park
Red One Drew Powell
Red One Hudson Powell
Red One Juliette Prince
Red One William Ren
Red One Veer Sawhney
Red One Navya Vashist
Red One Christopher Vollono
Red One Ava Walia
Red One Tayten Yee
Red One Zaara Zia

Red Two: 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Red Two Nicholas Roger Accetturi
Red Two Zachary Altman
Red Two Evan Billig
Red Two Emilia Campbell
Red Two Jacques Chen
Red Two Cade Cohen
Red Two Daniel Deng
Red Two Ren DeWal
Red Two Ryan Grammas
Red Two Enoch Kang
Red Two Mason Kaplan
Red Two Sanjeevan Karthick
Red Two Ryder Katz
Red Two Gavin Kossoff
Red Two Luke Kossoff
Red Two Aliyah Lee
Red Two Miles Long
Red Two Kate Pfersching
Red Two Noah Rosenzweig
Red Two Dustin Shmuely
Red Two Dean Silveira
Red Two Terrance Smetana
Red Two Mason Tse
Red Two Olivia Whitacre
Red Two Nickolas Whitacre
Red Two Natalie Wozniak
Red Two Caroline Wozniak
Red Two Jacob Yan

Orange One: 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Orange One Malak Abdel motaleb
Orange One Sacha Adler
Orange One Sebastian Alisie
Orange One Sebastian Alisie
Orange One Madeline Altman
Orange One Ela Arora
Orange One Suhani Bhasin
Orange One Gabby Braico
Orange One Allison Braico
Orange One Connor Chiu
Orange One Leo Clark
Orange One Charlotte Coco
Orange One Marlee Cohen
Orange One Anthony Dioguardi
Orange One Sean Grinholz
Orange One Mingqian Huang
Orange One Nicole Jantzen
Orange One Michael Lau
Orange One Isabella Leibowitz
Orange One Ivan Linares
Orange One Catherine Liu
Orange One Alyson Loaiza
Orange One Alexander Loglisci
Orange One Alexander Loglisci
Orange One Aviella Lytvyn
Orange One Koichi Nakamura
Orange One Andrew Pan
Orange One Nina Pirskala
Orange One Zuriana Sayig
Orange One Christian Scherr
Orange One Jonathan Scherr
Orange One Benjamin Shahaf
Orange One Akshita Sharma
Orange One Ethan Sung
Orange One Alyssa Tse
Orange One Jordan Unter
Orange One Constantine Vases
Orange One Aarav Walia
Orange One Jia Walia
Orange One Aalana Walia
Orange One Hunter Weiss
Orange One Alexis Wener
Orange One Jolie Yang

Orange Two: 5:30PM - 7:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Orange Two Jordan Anderson
Orange Two Shayna Argentina
Orange Two Nyima Bass
Orange Two Brendan Benson
Orange Two Steven Boutis
Orange Two Joshua Brody
Orange Two Michael Carlin
Orange Two Evan Cornell
Orange Two Aiden dantes
Orange Two andrew dantes
Orange Two Izzy Fabregas
Orange Two Ashleigh Fredriksen
Orange Two Martin Georgiev
Orange Two Marcus Gonzales
Orange Two Leo Kaplan
Orange Two Myles King
Orange Two summwe Lee
Orange Two Kevin Li
Orange Two Aidan Maddux
Orange Two Jillian McConville
Orange Two Siena McGuffin
Orange Two Juliette Moore
Orange Two Aryan Mukherjee
Orange Two Caden Nassar
Orange Two Avery Needle
Orange Two Gavin Park
Orange Two Lucas Pereira
Orange Two Leon Satake
Orange Two Anu Sawhney
Orange Two Gabrielle Shahaf
Orange Two Rajveer Shetty
Orange Two Lilly Silveira
Orange Two jake Steinberg
Orange Two Roman Tse
Orange Two Constantine Vases
Orange Two Gabrielle Villegas
Orange Two Jameson Yang
Orange Two Dylan Zonis
Orange Two Tommi Zotta

Green One (Junior TK): 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Green One (Junior TK) sophia alson
Green One (Junior TK) William Benson
Green One (Junior TK) Harris Brodsky
Green One (Junior TK) Genesis Brown
Green One (Junior TK) Caden Chan
Green One (Junior TK) Liam Connolly
Green One (Junior TK) Gabriella Garcia
Green One (Junior TK) Marissa Garcia
Green One (Junior TK) Alexis Kim
Green One (Junior TK) Briana Maleski
Green One (Junior TK) Andrew Monaco
Green One (Junior TK) Valentina Pape
Green One (Junior TK) Sydney Rochefort
Green One (Junior TK) Brij Vashist

Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA): 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ryan Adesso
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Massimo DiLeo
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Patrick Kana
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Camilla Kostik
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ethan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ethan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Tiffany Lin
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Calogero Nicotra
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Emma Palacio
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Alexander Ren
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Darren Shen
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Cayden Shen
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) John Sullivan
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Veyd Trivedi
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Joshua Whitlock
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Taylor Winthrop