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World Tour

List of Competitors

ENTRIES CLOSE: May 30, 2019
If you child is not listed or listed in the wrong division, please contact WorldTour@SportimeNY.com.

Red One: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Red One Stephen Cohen
Red One Blake DeArteaga
Red One Ben Fan
Red One Ryan Foder
Red One Lucas Gonzales
Red One Arienne Hong
Red One Miles Lam
Red One Simone Mukherjee
Red One Alessia Roitman
Red One Tayten Yee

Red Two: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Red Two Milan Bradshaw
Red Two Emilia Campbell
Red Two Jacques Chen
Red Two Eli Fan
Red Two Andreas Mickisch
Red Two Connor Ng
Red Two Nadav Pasman
Red Two Margaux Renault
Red Two Renata Uhlinskyy
Red Two Natalie Wozniak
Red Two Caroline Wozniak

Orange One: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Orange One Sebastian Alisie
Orange One Eashan Arora
Orange One Dylan Chung
Orange One aiden dantes
Orange One andrew dantes
Orange One Luca Diaz
Orange One Emmanuelle Hazelton
Orange One Ainslea Hong
Orange One Stella Jelinek
Orange One Pietro Koncz
Orange One Pietro Koncz
Orange One Pietro Koncz
Orange One Miles Lam
Orange One Joshua Lee
Orange One Ivan Linares
Orange One juliette moore
Orange One Tyler Ng
Orange One Shiri Pasman
Orange One Lucas Pereira
Orange One Anne Philogene
Orange One Giulia Roitman
Orange One Alton Rose
Orange One Tobias Welhaven-Romano

Orange Two: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Division First Name Last Name
Orange Two Eashan Arora
Orange Two Sebastian Bradshaw
Orange Two Yuhan Cruz
Orange Two Charlotte Delson
Orange Two Martin Georgiev
Orange Two Marcus Gonzales
Orange Two Jacques Gunalp
Orange Two Sourya Gurram
Orange Two Henry Hazelton
Orange Two Miles Kim
Orange Two Alessandro Koncz
Orange Two Andreas Loucopoulos
Orange Two Aidan Maddux
Orange Two SreeAnay Mallisetty
Orange Two Aryan Mukherjee
Orange Two Colton Prata
Orange Two Maddox Prata
Orange Two Zachary Reif
Orange Two Nicolas Renault
Orange Two Matias Roitman
Orange Two Emmett Rose
Orange Two Chloe Schiff
Orange Two Greta Serkov
Orange Two Daria Serkov
Orange Two Olivia Turck
Orange Two Anderson Woo
Orange Two Vaughan Wu
Orange Two Jameson Yang
Orange Two Jolie Yang
Orange Two Jameson Yang

Green One (Junior TK): 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Green One (Junior TK) Diya George Bebin
Green One (Junior TK) Elizabeth Benjamin
Green One (Junior TK) Harris Brodsky
Green One (Junior TK) Luka Butkovic
Green One (Junior TK) Amira Edwards
Green One (Junior TK) Mara Farrell
Green One (Junior TK) Matthew Hackett
Green One (Junior TK) Luca Koncz
Green One (Junior TK) Connor Krow
Green One (Junior TK) Winston Krow
Green One (Junior TK) Robert Lee
Green One (Junior TK) Daniel Lee
Green One (Junior TK) Elliot Levinsky
Green One (Junior TK) Nathan Reif
Green One (Junior TK) Sophie Renault
Green One (Junior TK) Mica Tankoano
Green One (Junior TK) Noemie Turck
Green One (Junior TK) Brij Vashist
Green One (Junior TK) Alba Zamarbide

Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA): 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Sienna Castellano
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Gregory Ivanov
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Julia Ivanov
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Patrick Kana
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Camilla Kostik
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Evan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ethan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Tiffany Lin
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Emma Palacio
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Noam Pasman
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Liam Raykis
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Darren Shen