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World Tour

List of Competitors

TOURNAMENT DATE: November 23, 2019
ENTRIES CLOSE: November 21, 2019
If you child is not listed or listed in the wrong division, please contact WorldTour@SportimeNY.com.

Red One: 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Red One Noah Bernardin
Red One Dylan Berro
Red One Lulu Bi
Red One Yangyang Bi
Red One Julia Campbell
Red One Penelope Chan
Red One jacob chen
Red One emily chopra
Red One Kaylie Chung
Red One Chemsseddine Fallah
Red One Kairi Fong
Red One Arjun GAMBHIR
Red One Sean Grammas
Red One Joseph Grams
Red One Rocco Gravina
Red One Justin Hausman
Red One Grant Hergenrother
Red One Jonah Herman
Red One Sophie Holtman
Red One Emily Kim
Red One Pavan Kumar
Red One Chloe Lau
Red One Tyler Okin
Red One Charlotte Rowe
Red One Asher Silverman
Red One George STATHAROS
Red One Teddy Statharos
Red One Kate Statharos
Red One Renjiro Sugiyama
Red One Thomas To
Red One Navya VASHIST
Red One Cal Wallitt
Red One julisa williams
Red One Richard Woitkowiak
Red One Madison Yim

Red Two: 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Red Two tyler alson
Red Two Mia Berro
Red Two Evan Billig
Red Two Carter Broth
Red Two Kaitlyn Chen
Red Two Austin Chen
Red Two Ethan Cheung
Red Two Evan Chiu
Red Two Jayden Chiu
Red Two Harry Cooney
Red Two Oliver Cooney
Red Two Lorenzo Enriquez
Red Two Aidan Feigman
Red Two Melina Gatsios
Red Two Lucas Gonzales
Red Two Justin Hom
Red Two Mason Kaplan
Red Two Sanjeevan Karthick
Red Two Jayden Keinath
Red Two Simone Mukherjee
Red Two Brian Park
Red Two Juliette Prince
Red Two Emma Qiang
Red Two William Ren
Red Two Veer Sawhney
Red Two Dustin Shmuely
Red Two Isabella Spinnato
Red Two Ryan Su
Red Two Kyle Tabackman
Red Two Regan Tran
Red Two Krish Venkatesh
Red Two Ansh Venkatesh
Red Two Jacob Yan
Red Two Tayten Yee
Red Two Cindy Zhang

Orange One: 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Orange One Lucas Zou
Orange One Troy Aliperti
Orange One Emilia Campbell
Orange One Lucas Chan
Orange One Winston Cheung
Orange One elizabeth chopra
Orange One Dylan Chung
Orange One Daphne Cornell
Orange One Nicholas Cummings
Orange One Angelina Durante
Orange One Antonio Enriquez
Orange One Ryan Grammas
Orange One Lauren Grams
Orange One Elijah Herman
Orange One Noah Holtman
Orange One Olvier Hsieh
Orange One Ella Kim
Orange One Michael Lau
Orange One Daniel Lee
Orange One Aaron Lee
Orange One Emily Levy
Orange One Asya Levy
Orange One Rachel Lim
Orange One Ivan Linares
Orange One Andreas Mickisch
Orange One Celise Moy
Orange One Anjali Nagi
Orange One Connor Ng
Orange One Cayla Okon
Orange One Lucas Pereira
Orange One Ronan Pusey
Orange One Lukas Schmidt
Orange One Kristie Lukundo Sinkala
Orange One Mia Slawitsky
Orange One Gavin Sorensen
Orange One Julia Tabackman
Orange One Constantine Vases
Orange One Reese Walker
Orange One Sylvie Wallitt

Orange Two: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Orange Two Sebastian Alisie
Orange Two Zachary Altman
Orange Two Ela Arora
Orange Two Jake Belkin
Orange Two Suhani Bhasin
Orange Two Jacques Chen
Orange Two Connor Chiu
Orange Two Christopher Contillo
Orange Two Evan Cornell
Orange Two Andrew Dantes
Orange Two Aiden Dantes
Orange Two Daniel Deng
Orange Two Anthony Dioguardi
Orange Two John Dowd
Orange Two Carter Duran
Orange Two Timothy Foley
Orange Two Kalliopi Hatzis
Orange Two Dimitrios Hatzis
Orange Two Kayela Heaney
Orange Two Justin Henry
Orange Two Luke Kossoff
Orange Two Gavin Kossoff
Orange Two Yuina Kunioka
Orange Two Catherine Liu
Orange Two Catherine Liu
Orange Two Miles Long
Orange Two Tyler Ng
Orange Two Andrew Pan
Orange Two Gavin Park
Orange Two Grace Parker
Orange Two Grace Parker
Orange Two Vedika Sasikumar
Orange Two Akshita Sharma
Orange Two Blake Smith
Orange Two jake steinberg
Orange Two Jinghan Su
Orange Two Mason Tse
Orange Two Ella Wang
Orange Two Chloe Wang
Orange Two Chloe Wang
Orange Two Carter Welfer
Orange Two Jolle Yang
Orange Two Franci Zotta

Green (EXCEL/JMTA): 7:30PM - 9:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Aryana Adur
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) sophia alson
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Jordan Anderson
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) William Benson
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Harris Brodsky
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Nick Chin
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Liam Connolly
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Victoria Deng
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Oliver Dwek
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Amira Edwards
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Aidan Ellis
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Benjamin FURER
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Lauren Furer
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Gabriella Garcia
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Martin georgiev
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Marcus Gonzales
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Daniel Heaney
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Leo Kaplan
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Ziyad Kazi
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Ava Khan
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Camilla Kostik
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Thomas Landon
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Ethan Lee
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Aidan Maddux
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Isabella Miraflores
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) juliette moore
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Danny Mor
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Jean Morales
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Daniel Morganstern
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Terrence Moy
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Aryan Mukherjee
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Alexander Okon
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Grayson Prince
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Jacob Prince
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Alexander Ren
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Sanaia Renois
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Daniela Samaniego
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Leon Satake
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Avi Sawhney
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Jake Schwartz
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Derek Steinberg
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Roman Tse
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Brij Vashist
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Nicolas Vergara
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Preston Wang
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Jameson Yang
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Dylan Zonis
Green (EXCEL/JMTA) Tommi Zotta