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275 Old Indian Head Road, Kings Park, NY 11754
Pickleball Court-Time

Category Pickleball Court-Time

With over 60 pickleball courts, indoors and outdoors, and more on the way, SPORTIME provides new and experienced players with the greatest access to courts, world class coaches and cutting edge programming in the Tri-State area. 


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Social Pickleball Programs

Category Social Pickleball Programs

SPORTIME Pickleball offers social programs for all ages and skill levels! It's a great way to engage with the pickleball community, meet new players, and enjoy the highly social aspect of the game. Sessions are organized by level to ensure that players can always enjoy competitive game play. Social programs foster an inclusive and supportive environment which has greatly contributed to the popularity of the game.

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Competitive Pickleball Programs

Category Competitive Pickleball Programs

SPORTIME Pickleball offers competitive programs for players of all levels and formats! Competitive programs can be a fantastic way to challenge yourself, improve your skills, and enjoy the thrill of competitive play. Whether you are a recreational player looking to test your skills in a friendly competition or a more experienced player seeking intense competitive play, SPORTIME's competitive programs can provide the platform you need to challenge yourself against others who share your passion for the game.

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Instructional Pickleball Programs

Category Instructional Pickleball Programs

Discover and nurture your passion for pickleball through continuous learning. SPORTIME provides opportunities to acquire new skills, techniques, strategies, and concepts, all while introducing you to an amazing community of like minded people along the way. Embark on your journey at SPORTIME and let us help guide you to greatness.

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