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World Tour

List of Competitors

TOURNAMENT NAME: Indian Wells, California
TOURNAMENT DATE: March 10, 2018
ENTRIES CLOSE: March 8, 2018
If you child is not listed or listed in the wrong division, please contact WorldTour@SportimeNY.com.

Red One: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Red One James Abramovich
Red One Margaret Adams
Red One Kavya Aggarwal
Red One Tristan Berrette
Red One Nadia Cheuk
Red One Daniella Donskoi
Red One David Donskoi
Red One Inna Halak
Red One Victoria Itwaru
Red One Ethan Jolly
Red One Kevin Kana
Red One Ava Leek
Red One Brooke Manuelian
Red One Taylor Manuelian
Red One Lauren McAlister
Red One Amanda McAlister
Red One Layla Theodoropolous
Red One Olivia Urrego

Red Two: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Red Two Margaret Adams
Red Two Hailey Clarke
Red Two Julian Diamand
Red Two Ava Hagedorn
Red Two Julian Katsnelson
Red Two Miles Kim
Red Two Brandon Lee
Red Two Chaithra Nunna
Red Two Djibril Pilgrim
Red Two Nina Pirskala
Red Two Breaker Seidenberg
Red Two Noah Seidenberg
Red Two Cody Sung
Red Two Natalie Wozniak
Red Two Caroline Wozniak
Red Two Drew Yang
Red Two Kyle Yang
Red Two Jolie Yang

Orange One: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Orange One Graycen Adesso
Orange One Elizabeth Benjamin
Orange One Brendan Benson
Orange One Logan Bracco
Orange One Evan Cornell
Orange One Dean Feldman
Orange One Ashley Franklin
Orange One Ava Golbraykh
Orange One Ethan Hensley
Orange One SreeAnay Mallisetty
Orange One Evan Oommen
Orange One John Poon
Orange One Zuriana Sayig
Orange One Joanna TArdell
Orange One Jameson Yang

Orange Two: 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Division First Name Last Name
Orange Two Geneva Austin
Orange Two William Benson
Orange Two Caden Chan
Orange Two Sreeyanth Guduru
Orange Two jacklyn Janny
Orange Two Jayden Jolly
Orange Two Victor Lee
Orange Two Ethan Lee
Orange Two Ryan Leek
Orange Two Tiffany Lin
Orange Two Marcus Manuelian
Orange Two Siena McGuffin
Orange Two Abhi Nunna
Orange Two Emmy Odell
Orange Two Emma Palacio
Orange Two Liam Raykis
Orange Two Kelsey Roth
Orange Two Leon Satake
Orange Two Story Seidenberg
Orange Two Brij Vashist
Orange Two Joshua Whitlock
Orange Two Sarah Zaniel

Green One (Junior TK): 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Division First Name Last Name
Green One (Junior TK) Ryan Adesso
Green One (Junior TK) Brandon Ally
Green One (Junior TK) Ava Brewer
Green One (Junior TK) Harris Brodsky
Green One (Junior TK) Lena Costanza
Green One (Junior TK) David Feldman
Green One (Junior TK) Isabella Feldman
Green One (Junior TK) Matthew Gershik
Green One (Junior TK) Ella Golbraykh
Green One (Junior TK) Ishaanth Guduru
Green One (Junior TK) Matthew Hackett
Green One (Junior TK) Claudia Lee
Green One (Junior TK) Sreenand Mallisetty
Green One (Junior TK) Ryan McGowan
Green One (Junior TK) Ryan Oommen
Green One (Junior TK) Sean Raykis
Green One (Junior TK) Steven Reynolds
Green One (Junior TK) Sydney Rochefort
Green One (Junior TK) Darren Shen
Green One (Junior TK) Lillian Stacy
Green One (Junior TK) Samantha Wiemann

Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA): 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Division First Name Last Name
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Sienna Castellano
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Kayla Castellano
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) David Clarke
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Hunter Diamand
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Kaitlin Dillon
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Aryn Feldman
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Sean Hensley
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Patrick Kana
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Christopher Kelly
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Krista Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Evan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Jordan Narciso
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Jenna Narciso
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Connor Plunkett
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Taksh Pradhan
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Srivaths Ravva
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Luke Satake
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Cayden Shen
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Victoria Silva
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Matthew Young