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Locations in Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island


JMTA is the area’s #1 program for developing nationally and internationally competitive juniors.  Conceived, developed and directed by John McEnroe and his world-class staff, JMTA boasts players that have won titles at sectional, national, intercollegiate and international levels.  Every JMTA session features:

Positive, Encouraging and Motivating Coaching  JMTA coaches receive continuing training designed to keep them on the cutting edge. During all JMTA sessions, Assistant Academy Directors continually analyze lesson dynamics, evaluate student progress, and supervise the staff to assure that every session is up to JMTA standards.  JMTA students are held to the highest standards of attitude and effort.  Our coaches challenge players in a positive, supportive way, to build the self-confidence that is essential to a successful competitive player. 

Intensity and Efficiency  We value the quality of time spent in our practice sessions as much as the quantity of time spent on court, so we are efficient and students work hard.  We are on “New York Time!” 
Technical and Tactical Instruction and Coaching  Our goal is to teach our kids how to play the game (the tactical side) and to give them the means to execute those tactics (the technical side).  JMTA coaches make essential technical corrections, but avoid focusing on technique in a vacuum, which often results in players who look great in practice, but who do not succeed in match situations.  Those are not JMTA players!
Curriculums Based on Stages of Development  Every JMTA session is part of a 34-week targeted curriculum based on the needs of the students in the group.  Movement, balance, court awareness, anticipation, situational perception and decision-making are critical skills to be developed.
Discovery-Based Learning  We want JMTA students to be independent problem solvers - not dependent on a coach’s corrections to be able to play.  JMTA students are expected to hit multiple shots in game situations without a coach interrupting play. 
Balanced Competitive Environment  We make sure our students play “up” some of the time, to challenge them to raise their levels.  Some of the time they play at their level, to see how they compete on an even playing field.  And some of the time they play “down”, which allows them to work on elements in their games that they might not try if the competition were at a higher level; this also allows them to win.
Training to Develop the Ability to Construct Points, to Compete and to Win  Our focus is helping our students with the challenges of successful point construction, tactical awareness and developing the skill of winning.
Train where the serious players train - the John McEnroe Tennis Academy!  
Private lessons are also available. 
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