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Locations in Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island
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In September 2010, tennis legend John McEnroe, in partnership with SPORTIME Clubs, launched the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) in his hometown of New York City at SPORTIME Randall's Island in Manhattan. SPORTIME Randall's Island is the flagship location for the Academy and for SPORTIME's twelve clubs.

John's passion and belief is that great players can be developed in urban settings, while still having the opportunity to live at home, to pursue their educational goals, and to participate in a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. Through various channels, including community outreach, the Academy works to recruit the most talented and the most highly motivated young athletes in the New York City Metropolitan area, and beyond.
In September 2012, JMTA expanded its geographic reach to SPORTIME locations in Westchester and on Long Island: SPORTIME Lake Isle, a state-of-the art 8-court facility in lower Westchester (Eastchester, New York); and SPORTIME Syosset in central Long Island, an 11-court facility that is SPORTIME's high-performance training.

Johnny Mac and JMTA Managing Director, Bennett Schlansky, have assembled a world-class team of directors including: Executive Director Patrick McEnroe; JMTA Performance Director Richard-John Mensing, Jr.; JMTA Director of Mental Toughness and Performance, Dr. Dom Lausic, PhD; JMTA Director, Westchester Annex, JMTA Director, Long Island Annex, Michael Kossoff.

JMTA professionals work as a team to deliver a training program that will assure the best possible outcome for serious junior players; a program that will enable JMTA players to make the most of their abilities, while supporting them in their academic pursuits and in living balanced, healthy lives.
*Membership is required to participate in any SPORTIME/JMTA program series and Membership gives you exclusive benefits. Please contact us to find out more today!
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